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Essential Steps to Register

Below are the three key steps each student should take to ensure they register for the right classes at the right times. No one knows the quickest and most efficient path toward graduation than your major advisor. We recommend you start there every semester.


Meet with Your Advisor

Your major advisor knows the ins and outs of your degree. They know which classes you should take and the order you should take them to make sure you graduate at a pace that fits your schedule. Schedule an appointment with your advisor before you begin registering for courses.


Register for classes

Once registration opens and you’ve created a Degree Works plan with your advisor, you can reference it from Banner and register. It only takes a few minutes because you’ve already completed the bulk of the work.


Pay Tuition and Fees

If you don’t pay your tuition and fees before the deadline, you may incur late fees. Use the TouchNet system 24/7 to view your balance and pay any remaining dues.

Additional Payment Help


Upcoming Deadlines

Last Day of Classes
Last Day of Classes for Spring 2023
Registration Begins
Registration begins for Fall 2023 based on earned credits. Visit for dates.
Tuition and Fees Assessed
Tuition and Fees assessed for Fall 2023 and the fee payment begins.
Tuition and Fee Payment Deadline
Fall 2023 tuition and fee payment deadline. Payments must be received and processed by 5 pm.
All Dates & Deadlines
Please see the USU Catalog for all dates and deadlines.

Registration Links

  1. Find Your Advisor.
  2. Register through College Scheduler .
  3. Pay Balance.

Still Have Questions?

Review our frequently asked questions or contact us if you need answers to your questions about registration.

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