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Revamped MyUSU Showing High Adoption, Activity Rates

By Marcus Jensen |

Video by Taylor Emerson, Digital Journalist, University Marketing & 通信

LOGAN, Utah — In August 2021, Utah State University launched the upgraded MyUSU 2.0. Since its launch, the platform has seen high usage from students who have appreciated the upgraded system. In fact, the revamped portal, which is run by Pathify, has achieved the vendor’s highest user count and activity rates of all other universities and colleges using the vendor’s platform.

“We are one of the first schools that have moved out into this engagement platform realm and we are really excited about the opportunities that we have to connect and engage with our students,” said Rene Eborn, associate vice president for Strategic Initiatives and deputy of Digital Transformation. “I’ve implemented technology in a lot of different places, and this is one of the top five projects that I’ve done.”

USU sought the input of students to see what they would want in a platform. The original MyUSU portal was mostly a static, link-based webpage that was the same for everyone. The new page is customizable to each student and allows students to create community while also receiving personalized and timely communications from faculty, administrators and staff.

“Students wanted something that was much more engaging; that would allow them to seek out and find involvement opportunities, join clubs, connect with their fellow classmates in a variety of different ways,” said James Morales, vice president for Student Affairs. “We were trying meet as many of those needs as possible with this new platform.”

Seeking to revamp the platform, USU had the goals of providing a personalized platform for strategic messages and allowing students to have access to health and wellness focused services, all while connecting students to localized resources and communication options. The new platform offers students the ability to customize their dashboard, connect with other Aggies and create communication feeds, join groups, track academic progress, connect with advisers and discover available resources and services.

Within the first month of the MyUSU launch, 26,000 unique users had spent over 500,000 sessions on the platform. With options to use both a web browser as well as a mobile app, users have clearly been engaged in the new platform. The engagement rate has continued to increase as more and more students and faculty have used the platform during the spring semester.

According to Morales, the next step will be to have MyUSU become a platform choice for faculty, administrators and staff.

For more information on Pathify, visit An overview of MyUSU 2.0, including a video on how to get started with the platform, is available at


Marcus Jensen
News Coordinator
University Marketing and 通信


Rene Eborn
Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Deputy of Digital Transformation
Academic and Instructional Services

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